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A holistic approach in close collaboration with our Clients

banqpro/ member
of Best Vision

Best Vision Holding was founded in Zug, Switzerland, in 2000 and since then has acquired various global entities operating in the financial sectors, Technology and Services, and most recently, in entertainment, in industry, in the Social / Health and Consulting.


banqpro/ is a proven and powerful core banking system with solution modules for customer, account and custody account management, loan business, treasury, payment transactions, general ledger, accounting, controlling and securities business as well as asset management.


High Security

Through a fine tuning of security parameters, banqpro/ allows managing very effective security policies. Thus users must be authenticated and authorized to access certain programs and data, also on the basis of the four-eyes principle. banqpro/ also implements some automated rules of transaction control processes, reducing operational risks notably.


banqpro/ is a fully multilingual system. Multilingual functions are available for each user (user interfaces) and for the final client (client reporting). Data dictionaries for new languages implementation.


banqpro/ allows full multiple currency accounting and reporting.


The wide choice of available integrated modules and interfaced third party systems allows the clients to implement the tailor-made solution they need, containing the overall license and implementation costs.


banqpro/ is a complete banking suite covering all functionalities from back to middle and front office and integrated database, guaranteeing long term profitability.


banqpro/ allows managing simultaneously and automatically operability and consolidated balance sheets of more companies and subsidiaries regardless of their structures, geographical location and relationships.


banqpro/ ‘s full parameterization enables setting customized processes without source code modifications and creating new functionalities with minimum effort.

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